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Shah NRI Multi Services is a SINGLE POINT FACILITATOR to NRIs and NRGs. This is An NRI’s initiative by our honorable Director Mr. Mike Shah (Mahesh Shah), who has been settled in USA more than 2 decades and experienced the problems faced by him, during his frequent visits to India.

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*Client Testimonials
Previously I was worked in Oman then after I shifted to U.S.A. I had Symphony Ltd. Company’s share on my name and same was transferred to me on my Oman address but I could not able to get it because I shifted to U.S.A. I tried for duplicate share certificates but all was vain.
I searched Google and found SHAH NRI Multi Services Pvt. Ltd. Company is working on such cases. I handed over my case to Shah Nri and they stated process from beginning and go through whole case in detail and solved out my case with just minimal charges and I got my share certificate on my U.S.A. address. Thanks to Shah Nri and Its’ whole staff members.

-Francis Chacko

I am very glad to write here about Shah Nri Multi Services Pvt. Ltd. and its services. I acquired different services from Shah Nri Multi Services Pvt. Ltd. including service apartment, tours and travels in Delhi and Ahmedabad both, personal escort etc. I am fully satisfied with services from Shah Nri Multi Services Pvt. Ltd. in all aspect.
Apart from that, during my India visit I lost my passport. Shah Nri Multi Services Pvt. Ltd. team made their great effort in getting my new passport from Mumbai and also help me in getting Exit certificate from Ahmedabad commissioner office. I am very much thanks full to Shah Nri Multi Services Pvt. Ltd. and its team.

-Darshana Nandkarni

Shah Nri Multi Services Pvt. Ltd. helped me to transfer my FDI money successfully by applying rules and regulation of RBI and IRS to my USA bank account with minimal charges and with no trouble of any kind. Therefore, I am always thanks full to them and provide Shah Nri Multi Services Pvt. Ltd.’s reference into my group circle.

Shaileshbhai Agnihotri

I am delivering my great thanks to Shah Nri Multi Services Pvt. Ltd. and its whole team. Shah Nri Multi Services Pvt. Ltd. had resolved my 40 years old inherited disputed land matter in Ahmedabad district successfully with clear sale deed and also transfer transaction money to USA in ours family member’s bank account on time. I am fully satisfied with services of Shah Nri Multi Services Pvt. Ltd. Once again my great thanks to them.

-Adwait Majmudar

I was attending a RAM Katha of Shri Moraribapu. I was visiting an India after a 8 years time. I got an introductory email on my cell. I just make a casual call. And it is great response received by SHAH NRI MULTI Services Team. I asked them to help me for my Pickup and Hotel stay at Ahmedabad. Before I reach to Ahmedabad from Surat. An international standard CAB was ready. A well mannered drive receive me at the railway station and dropped me at a hotel. They have arranged stay near the place…

– Mahendra Kanji

It is a great pleasure to avail a quickest services from SHAH NRI MULTI SERVICES … just within an hour. I was landed at Mumbai Airport from Kenya. When I was about to board the flight from Mumbai to Ahmedabad, I asked Shah NRI Multi Service team to arrange a Pick up and Hotel stay at Ahmedabad…. and it’s a wonderful job done by them. A car was ready with a person carry my name board. Hotel stay was excellent. All good wishes to SHAH NRI MULTI Services team … Keep it up

– Mr.Diamond Velji