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Shah NRI Multi Services is a SINGLE POINT FACILITATOR to NRIs and NRGs. This is An NRI’s initiative by our honorable Director Mr. Mike Shah (Mahesh Shah), who has been settled in USA more than 2 decades and experienced the problems faced by him, during his frequent visits to India.

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Real Estate Advisory

*Real Estate

Our vision is to be a reliable service provider and build trust with owners in the long term. To meet this vision, we have an expert lawyer on our panel who prepares the document of your property on your behalf .We personally meet prospective tenants, evaluate their background and determine the appropriateness/reliability as a trustworthy tenant.


Our experienced team of consultants and legal advisors continuously researches new projects and recommends the best pick based on your needs.

We are provide the below services to our clients.


  1. Buying
  2. Selling
  3. Leasing
  4. Renting
  5. Rent collection
  6. Deposit-Maintenance & Security Service
  7. Preparation of Purchase/Sales Deed
  8. Preparation of Title Clearance Report
  9. Repatriation
  10. Preparation of POA document/Advisor


Property Rental/Sell List

IMG_20180107_101043Santa Cruse, West Mumbai
Selling Price :1.9 Cr
2BHK Flate / 770 Sq-Ft
Contact No: +91-922-80-30001/2

PrahladnagarPrahlad Nagar , Ahmedabad
Selling Price :4.5 Cr
4BHK Bunglow / 3500 Sq-Ft
Contact No: +91-922-80-30001/2

PrahladnagarAnjali Bus Stop,Ahmedabad
Selling Price :27 Lacs
2BHK Flate / 1000 Sq-Ft
Contact No: +91-922-80-30001/2

IMG_20180107_101043Vasant Vihar, Anand
Rent Price:10,000
Contact No: +91-922-80-30001/2
2BHK Flate / 1500 Sq-Ft

PrahladnagarNaran Pura , Ahmedabad
Selling Price :1.8 Cr
3BHK Flate / 2500 Sq-Ft
Contact No: +91-922-80-30001/2


PrahladnagarShaligram Bunglow,Anand
Rent Price :15000
3BHK Flate / 1935 Sq-Ft
Contact No: +91-922-80-30001/2


IMG_20180107_101043Aashram Road,Ahmedbad
Selling Price:7000000
Shop / 700Sq-Ft
Contact No: +91-922-80-30001/2


PrahladnagarCG Road,Ahmedabad
Rental Price :50,000
Shop / 500Sq-Ft
Contact No: +91-922-80-30001/2


PrahladnagarSawali Road ,Baroda
Sell Price :55000000
3BHK / 2500 Sq-Ft
Contact No: +91-922-80-30001/2


IMG_20180107_101043Malad, West Mumbai
Rent Price:17 Cr
3 Floor Apt / 9000 Sq-Ft
Contact No: +91-922-80-30001/2


PrahladnagarPT College Paldi,Ahmedabad
Selling Price :1.9 Cr
N/A Land / 3750 Sq-Ft
Contact No: +91-922-80-30001/2


PrahladnagarRaighadh Mumbai
Sell Price :8500000
4BHK Bunglow / 3010 Sq-Ft
Contact No: +91-922-80-30001/2


IMG_20180107_101043Karamshad Road Anand
Rent Price:2300000
3BHK Flate / 730 Sq-Ft
Contact No: +91-922-80-30001/2


PrahladnagarAlkapuri, Vadodara.
Rent Price :10000
3BHK Flate / 1000 Sq-Ft
Contact No: +91-922-80-30001/2


Atladra, vadodara
Sell Price :7000000
3BHK Pent House / 2600 Sq-Ft
Contact No: +91-922-80-30001/2


Sell Price:3000000
2BHk / 1300 Sq-Ft
Contact No: +91-922-80-30001/2