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Shah NRI Multi Services is a SINGLE POINT FACILITATOR to NRIs and NRGs. This is An NRI’s initiative by our honorable Director Mr. Mike Shah (Mahesh Shah), who has been settled in USA more than 2 decades and experienced the problems faced by him, during his frequent visits to India.

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Real Estate Advisory

*Finance, Taxation and Investment

Finance and Investment is a complex subject. It need a huge experience and up to date professional as well as in depth subjective knowledge. Along with the professional team members and associate members, we are able to give you the best of the best recommendation for your need. Here are the few points

  • Wealth Management
  • Fixed return with Secured Investment – NRO, NRE fixed deposit
  • Lucrative return with managed risk – Equity, Commodity, Mutual funds
  • Long term handsome return – Real Estate and Property
  • Domestic and International taxation solutions, which eliminate your worries from future taxation liabilities