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Shah NRI Multi Services is a SINGLE POINT FACILITATOR to NRIs and NRGs. This is An NRI’s initiative by our honorable Director Mr. Mike Shah (Mahesh Shah), who has been settled in USA more than 2 decades and experienced the problems faced by him, during his frequent visits to India.

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Real Estate Advisory

*Event Management

An NRI has a short time, and many works are required to carry out, during their limited period visit or stay in India. Here we are to manage their task well in advance with professional touch. Basis on the specific or general need we can manage this services for below given and many other events .

  • Marriage and Receptions
  • Ritual Ceremonies and functions
  • Birthday and Marriage anniversary
  • Inauguration of office or factory
  • House Warming Ceremony (gruhpravesh)
  • Festival Celebrations
  • Live Web Casting of the events

With the help of our remembers, as well as our well experienced professional management associates, you can leave all your worries and spend your valuable time with you family members.