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Shah NRI Multi Services is a SINGLE POINT FACILITATOR to NRIs and NRGs. This is An NRI’s initiative by our honorable Director Mr. Mike Shah (Mahesh Shah), who has been settled in USA more than 2 decades and experienced the problems faced by him, during his frequent visits to India.

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Real Estate Advisory

*Solar Power (Sunwarm Energy Pvt. Ltd.)
Sunwarn Energy Pvt. Ltd. :

Turnkey Solutions (EPC basis)

  • For power plants ranging 1MW and onwards
  • Utility plants, operated and own by EPC
  • Design, maintenance and complete solutions

Institutions / Non profit organizations / Govt.

  • Customised solutions for Govt. , Non govt. and Non profit sectors (Schools / Hospitals / Govt. Educational Institutes etc.)
  • Power Purchase Agreement model


  • Office Building / Factory Building / Car parking lots and other available space
  • Rooftop or Ground mounted, fixed or tracker based solutions as per the requirements.
  • To avail benefits of central government and respective state government, project for 1 MW to 500MW, solutions will be provided


  • Innovative residential solar energy solutions to reduce electricity bill or to eliminate the convention power usage.
  • Options are available to install On Grid / Off Grid Solar Power Systems with Smart Inverter with / without battery backup systems


  • Solar Water pumping Systems – Surface based / Submersible type

LED – Lighting Solutions

  • Street light and Home light solutions with LED lights (we can provide customised LED lights for bulk usage)
  • Commercial LED Lighting Solutions
  • Industrial LED Lighting Solutions

– WE SUPPLIES, World class SOLAR PANELS with the highest power generation capability
– WE SUPPLIES, one of the Best Inverters